Short Croquet is a faster version of the standard Association game and is therefore suitable for winter play as each game lasts no more than 75 minutes.

The handicap system is slightly different, with a maximum of 10 bisques. Every player with a handicap from 0 to 10 is awarded that number of bisques. Below 0 the system changes and these players are handicapped by having to perform a number of Mandatory Peels.

Since October 2015 Taunton Deane Croquet Club has entered teams in the Short Croquet tournaments at Nailsea and Budleigh Salterton, winning Division 4 at Nailsea in April 2016. In April 2017 we came 2nd in Division 3 at Nailsea
Our two teams in the October 2017 Budleigh tournament were unsuccessful, coming 5th in Division 3 and 4th in Division 4.
In April 2018 we came 4th in Division 3 and 2nd in Division 5 at Camerton & Peasedown
In October 2018 we came 3rd in Division 3 and 5th in Division 4 at Budleigh Salterton
In April 2019 we came 3rd in Division 3 but won Division 5 at Nailsea
In October 2019 the Taunton Terriers won Division 3 and the Taunton Tiggers won Division 5 at Budleigh Salterton. Both will be promoted next year.

We have a winter Short Croquet tournament running from October to April, played on the first and third Saturdays in each month, weather permitting. A trophy is awarded to the player that has the highest percentage of wins, as long as they have played at least 5 games.

The 2016/17 season ended with 38 games having been played and the winner was Stephen Custance-Baker with 9 wins from 12 games.
The 2017/18 season ended with 41 games having been played and the winner was Tim Jolliff with 6 wins from 6 games.
The 2018/19 season ended with 42 games having been played and the winner was Neil Fillery with 10 wins from 13 games.
The 2019/20 season ended with 42 games having been played and the winner was Tim Jolliff with 8 wins from 10 games.

The first session in the 2020/21 season is scheduled for 10 am on Saturday October 18th 2020.

The results of the 2019/20 Waterhouse Trophy, after 42 games have been played, are
8 out of 10 Tim Jolliff
8 out of 11 Neil Fillery
5 out of 9 Mike Balch
4 out of 9 Jonathan Wolfe
4 out of 9 Sue Baker
3 out of 7 Martin Wicks
4 out of 10 Stephen Custance-Baker
3 out of 8 Tony Hicks
2 out of 8 Norman Perkins
1 out of 1 Mary Bradshaw
0 out of 2 John de Winton